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 The Grants awarded by ECCIF is your gateway to promote your franchise system 

Who is Eligible?
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Determining whether your franchise is eligible to apply for and receive a ECCIF grant is very important.
Check Your Eligibility
Before beginning the application process, you should make sure you or your company is eligible to apply for the grant. There are two keys to eligibility:
1. Your franchise network wants to expand internationally in Romania and/or Republic of Moldova.
2. Your business is more than 3 years old. 


Grant for Franchises - FRANCIZA app

Premium Package

We will offer you the possibility to enroll your franchise AT NO COST in the 1st franchise app from Balkans and Eastern Europe. After we determin you are eligible to receive a free rate (you respect the criteria) the procedure is easy: we send you a form (in English) and you must fill and send us back plus the logo.

Now available the DEMO on the App Store and Play Store!

Below is a link for presentation the demo for app (is in Romanian and available now only for Android devices but final version will be availble for iPhone, too).  /demo/app-store-android-download.png
The information provided to future franchisees about the franchise concept is of utmost importance. Prospective candidates have the opportunity to learn from a documented source what are the primary requirements they have to meet to join the franchise network.
Promote yourself smart!
In addition, such an application is a very good marketing tool that helps you promote your brand, services or products to a variety of potential customers.
The quality and novelty of this application recommends it as a viable alternative to communicate effectively and modernly about franchises that want to expand their network and address new markets. For those who want to be entrepreneurs and decide to become franchisees, the application offers a selection of local or foreign franchises, grouped by domains of interest. The business that interests them or the one that suits them best is just a click away. Accessible and easy to use, the application does not require special skills for users who, by picking an additional option, will receive notifications of updates, details about new brands that have entered Romania and the Republic of Moldova or want to export their concepts to these countries.


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Why choose the application  
  • Franchise app will drive your business grow.
  • Significant revenue by increasing market share and finding new partners.  
  • Increases brand exposure through PUSH UP notifications. 


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