European Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Franchise

The "European Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Franchise" is an internationally operating non-governmental organisation.

The establishment of an organisation by European business executives, entrepreneurs, professionals and corporations wishing to promote and contribute to the EU harmonisation efforts was long overdue. With this in view, the European Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Franchise was formed in 2006 with the following aims and objectives including the general support of the political, economic, social, scientific, cultural and environmental aims and objectives of the EU governments through the private sector:


  • Support the EU Eastern European integration
  • Promote the bridge-building of new markets globally
  • Commit efforts and resources to innovation and new technologies
  • Support selected projects by providing interdisciplinary solutions
  • Promote understanding and cooperation between all peoples of the globe and build bridges between Europe an the world
  • Promote and reward excellence in commerce, trade, industry, education, training, science and the arts


European Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Franchise



To be the unified, independent, and influential voice of European Business

To be a member value driven organization serving European Companies across all industries and services throughout Europe




As a member based organization, the European Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Franchise seeks to:


Ensure greater market access and a level playing field for European Companies

Improve market conditions for all businesses in Europe

Facilitate networking among members and stakeholders

Bring specific information relevant to its members on doing business in Europe

Update its members on economic trends and legislation in Europe




We are an independent, non-profit organisation governed by our members.

We work for the benefit of European business as a whole.

We operate as a single, networked organisation across Europe.

We maintain close, constructive relations with the European authorities while retaining our independence.

We seek the broadest possible representation of European business in Europa within our membership: large, medium and small enterprises from all business sectors and European Member States.

We treat all our members, business partners and employees with fairness and integrity.


European Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Franchise